John Bunyan was born in Harrowden, England in 1628. Bunyan was a very popular Preacher and Author. While serving in the Parlimentary Army, (between in 1644 and 1647) he overheard 3 women speaking of how real God was in their lives and realized that his life was not so perfect. He decided to look deeper into the bible and in 1653 he became a member of the Baptist Church by immersion.

     In 1655 Bunyan became a deacon and began preaching. In 1660 he was imprisoned for preaching without a license for a 13 years sentence of which he served 12 years.  His daughter, who was blind, needed her father and the members of the prison system would gladly let him go to be with her if he would just sign a paper saying that he would never preach again, but he would not. He was released in 1672 and immediately continued preaching. He was returned to prison in 1675, but by this time he had become so popular that they decided to release him 6 months later.

     He went on to become a very popular Preacher and reknowned Author, writing many books, most defending his beliefs. John Bunyan died in 1688, he was 59 years old.


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