Wesley Autrey was born in New York, U.S.A in 1956. He is a construction worker from Harlem and on January 2, 2007 he became a world known hero. That morning he was waiting for a subway train, with his 2 daughters when he noticed a man having a seizure, the man stumbled and fell onto a subway track as a train was approaching the station. He jumped in to rescue him but with a train headed their way, he realized he wouldn’t have enough time to pull him up, he pinned the man and himself in the drainage rut between the rails and hoped that the oncoming train would go over them.

“I wrapped my arms and legs around him and tightened up. I had to lock my whole body,” Autrey told the New York Post.

The train operator saw them and hit the emergency brakes. Two of the cars passed over the men without hitting them. The train missed them by about 2 inches, grazing Autrey’s hat.

     When Autrey and the young man were pulled to safety by emergency workers witnesses cheered. Autrey who is a Navy veteran, says he doesn’t feel he did “something spectacular.”

Autrey told the New York Daily News he had split-second decision to make: “Do I let the train run him over and hear my daughters screaming and see the blood? Or do I jump in?”

After the train stopped over top of him, Autrey says he could hear his daughters screaming for their daddy.

“Let my daughters know that I’m okay and that the man is okay!” Autrey called out as onlookers cheered.

     Autrey refused medical attention and continued on his way with his daughters to see their mother downtown. Autrey Wesley lives in Harlem, New York, he is 52 years old.


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