BELLE “The wonder beagle”


     Belle is a 17-pound beagle. She is the first canine recipient ever to win the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award which is given to someone who has used a cell phone to save a life, prevent a crime or help in an emergency. Belle received the award after biting down on owner Kevin Weaver’s cell phone to call 911 after he collapsed from a diabetic seizure when his blood sugar level dropped dangerously low.

     This wasn’t a luck thing, Belle has been trained to get help in this kind of a situation. She was taught to bite down and hold the number 9 on his cell phone triggering the speed dial for 911.

     Belle can detect abnormalities in a person’s blood-sugar levels with just with her keen senses, she sometimes licks Weaver’s nose to take her own reading of his blood-sugar level. If something doesn’t seem right to her, she will paw and whine at him. “Every time she paws at me like that I grab my meter and test myself,” said Weaver, “She’s never been wrong.”

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